About Us

Gym Rats Basketball

Gym Rats Basketball is a for-profit youth basketball organization founded in 1992 with the purpose of providing an organized structure for youths to compete in basketball at all levels of skill. Gym Rats believes that many life lessons are learned through competitive basketball and strives to ensure that personal values are learned and mutual respect is earned so that energies are transformed from teamwork on the court today to positive contributions in society tomorrow. Gym Rats also recognizes the economic impact that youth sports has on the local economy and strives to increase this annually.

In addition to the events at Sport One/Parkview Fieldhouse, Gym Rats Basketball has franchisees operating tournaments, camps, and leagues under the Gym Rats brand in Texas, Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, Ohio, Kansas, Missouri, Oregon, Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, and Kentucky. These franchisees are part of a national network of event operators, teams, and directors known as the Gym Rats Basketball Association (G.R.B.A.).


The G.R.B.A. was created in 2010 after Gym Rats separated from its former national organization USSSA or United States Specialty Sports Association. Gym Rats became a part of the USSSA in 2001 after USSSA approached Gym Rats former owner Bill Hensley about creating their basketball program. Gym Rats under the leadership of Bill Hensley grew USSSA’s basketball program to over 8,ooo teams in 15 states. Upon Bill’s death in 2007, USSSA came under new leadership and Gym Rats Basketball reevaluated its role with USSSA. This led to our departure in 2010 and the creation of G.R.B.A. was formed. The creation of Gym Rats Basketball Association, allows Spiece Gym Rats and their partners direct marketing opportunities to the mass numbers in grass roots basketball.

National Reach

G.R.B.A. is a basketball-only event sanctioning and insuring organization. In 2010-2011 season, over 5,000 teams participated in GRBA sanctioned events. Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Oregon, California, Arizona, Kentucky, and Tennessee all sanctioned events under the GRBA.. Some of the most competitive and elite events are sanctioned through the Gym Rats Basketball Association. King James Showcase, Bill Hensley Memorial Run-N-Slam Classic, Nike Presidents Day Tournament, Next Level Baller Spring Showcase just to name a few.